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Insurance and Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Cost

When your auto glass gets damaged, one of the first thoughts is probably how much will this cost me?


When a chip, crack, or further damage occurs, the last thing you should do is put off the auto glass repair or replacement because of the cost. For that reason, we offer competitive pricing to enable you to repair your damage as quickly as possible.

Who Pays?


Repairs and replacements can be made with or without insurance claims. At Prime Auto Glass, we present a few solutions to help you receive the most affordable price for your windshield and auto glass damage:

Pay with insurance

What some people don’t realize is that their windshield repair or replacement cost is often fully covered by their insurance. To make the process easy, Prime Auto Glass works closely with most of America’s major insurance companies, so we can take care of your insurance claim for you.

Pay on your own

If you choose to not file a claim with your insurance, or if you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you will be responsible for the auto repair or replacement cost. This price may vary based on the size of the damage, but a good way to gauge the price of your windshield damage is to get a quote online.

Your existing windshield can be repaired

This will usually be free of charge as, in most cases, it will be paid for by your insurance company and normally won’t affect your insurance rates.

This is best case scenario, and through Prime Auto Glass’s mobile service, we can come to you for mobile repair. You can receive expert chip repairs with industry-leading materials at no out-of-pocket cost.

Your existing windshield needs to be replaced

This will usually be covered by your insurance company, though some costs may need to be paid by the policyholder like any deductible.

The total amount of out-of-pocket cost may vary depending on the extent of the damage, where it is located and your type of vehicle. You will be responsible for any outstanding cost that your insurance doesn’t cover, or if you have coverage but the cost is below your deductible. If the cost is above the deductible, you’ll be responsible for any deductible that may apply.

Getting a quote is easy

Receive a quote directly from Prime Auto Glass to determine how much your windshield repair or replacement will cost:

  1. Visit the Get A Free Quote section
  2. Enter your phone
  3. Select your car model, make, year
  4. Select Service
  5. Vin Number
  6. We will contact you after we get your submission.

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